Gregory Stfort

Born and raised in NYC, Gregory St. Fort has a passion for community building, marketing, and event production. He studied computer engineering at City Tech in Brooklyn but always had a passion for entrepreneurship. He believes we can fight for social justice through entrepreneurship. He founded LetsKeepBuilding Inc (LKB) to become a platform for this.


LetsKeepBuilding Inc is a lifestyle brand for entrepreneurs. It was founded in New York City and also has a presence in Madison, WI, and Tampa FL. LKB brings together entrepreneurs of all backgrounds by building technology, and events, and community initiatives. Over 5,000 people have attended LKB events. Gregory is also an executive director of a nonprofit called 100state, a coworking space in Madison, WI. 100state has a 6,500 sq ft office and over 260 members making it the largest coworking space in the state.


“Let’s keep building”  – Gregory St Fort