About This Project

Do you feel something is missing from your life? What We All Been Missing was written to help people build a personal relationship with God. The book tells the author’s story of his experiences at church as a kid and the factors growing up that built him into the man he is today. In his book, Rodney H. Lewis discusses all the questions he had growing up. A lot of the answers, many people today still have trouble answering. Rodney seeks the truth, to show that getting close to God can allow you to see the world differently and get a better understanding of reading the Bible. With the Grace of God, in writing this book, Rodney “wanted to connect with God and help others do the same.” All his life, he has found his own way of interpreting the Bible. “No one I knew ever looked at the Bible the way I did; most people don’t read it.” He is now sharing his belief of What We All Been Missing. Rodney H. Lewis wants people to understand God and read the Bible for themselves in order to find direction in their life.

Shout out to Rodney for including LetsKeepBuilding in the acknowledgement section of the book.